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We are the distributors/Suppliers of all type of electrical products and the leading players in the lighting & electrical industry. Today, Tropical products are affordable from residential to commercial clientele.

We cater to various electrical needs from as small as switch outlets for the residential marketplace to the commercial Transformers, Domestic, and Low & High Voltage Cables of all type.

We have been the top suppliers to private & public sector tenders in various types of products from domestic to industrial products.

It has been a great honour and privilege to serve in the electrical market, providing quality products, affordable & competitive prices. Our products are easily accessible around the country through our own stores and agents.

NM Tropical Power

In today’s uncertainty and growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, Tropical has been proven time again of supplying these needs to a growing demand and supplying high quality products to customers.

In Tanzania our company is located in Dar Es Salaam & Mwanza.

In Dar Es Salaam we are located at:

Main Showroom - In Kariakoo, Narung’ombe & Sikukuu Street, Tropical Center Building, Ground Floor,Plot no 1,Block 57.
Branch Showroom – Tropical Center Building,In Kinondoni,Victoria,Ground Floor.
Branch Showroom – Mwanza Region, Lake Zone Outlet along Lumumba Street near by Mai Hotel opposite Letshego Bank.
Now Tropical is the sole manufacturer and supplier of Tropical products (Electrical products including solar products) In Tanzania and other countries with common boarders including the republic of Congo,Zambia,Malawi,Sychelles,Uganda,Burundi,Zimbabwe etc.
We have distributors in Zambia,Mozambique,Kenya,Botswana,Angola,Namibia and South Africa.

Tropical supplies commercial and residential electrical components alike to East,Central & South Africa region.

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Kariakoo Branch

Phones : +255 716 787 400

: +255 622 055 900

Victoria Branch

Phones: +255 786 387/

:+255 622 111 070

Mwanza Branch

Phones:+255 655 303 793/

: +255 718 346 737

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We are located in Dar es salaam, Kariakoo between livingstone/ Sikukuu Street along Narung'ombe Street. Our Friendly Help Team can be reached Monday through Sunday, 24/7 . Do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Narung'ombe street, Kariakoo Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

P.O.Box 105199 Dar Es Salaam.
Cell :+255 716 787 400, +255 786 387 520, +255 718 346 737
Fax : +255 222 184 887
E-mail : sales@tropicalint.com